Seek Him i’th’Other Place Yourself

I was once the royal shanachie, an honored storyteller and keeper of songs, but my Queen betrayed me. She sold my satyr to spite me, and I have traveled far to be with him again. Now, all that lies between us are a few barren miles and all the denizens of hell. If you follow me then stay quiet, stay alert, and listen closely.

There was a crash. You were driving.

A retelling of the Orpheus myth from three different perspectives, in three different tenses, on three different points in the story’s timeline. Dantes has been tithed to Hell, but that won’t stop Arturo from reuniting with his soul-mate. But in order to navigate the pathways between worlds, he must enlist the help of a kindred spirit. Someone who’s suffered the same loss, and is walking the same road.

Originally published in Shimmer Issue 12, “Seek Him i’th’Other Place Yourself” is available in print and electronic download here.

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